ÁCIDOS Y MINERALES DE VENEZUELA, C.A. (AMV, C.A.) is a Venezuelan company with over 17 years of successful experience in the production of ALUMINUM SULFATEGrade AAl2(SO4)3, used mainly as a coagulant and flocculant in the water and wastewater treatment process, in the pulp and paper industry, and the oil industry, among other uses.

We are located in the city of Puerto Ordaz, also known as Ciudad Guayana, at the union of the Caroni and Orinoco rivers, 100 kilometers downstream of Ciudad Bolivar and 800 kilometers from Caracas.  Puerto Ordaz is an important industrial center with its alumina and aluminum factories, iron briquetting and steel mills as well as four hydroelectric dams (Guri, Macagua, Caruachi and Tocoma).

Our location in the south, near to the Alumina Refinery, ensuring a safe and reliable supply of raw material.

AMV Location

We have an industrial area with all necessary facilities for receiving raw materials and dispatch of products, including a quality control unit with its own modern laboratory which constantly monitors raw materials and production process, we also have highly trained and motivated human resource, contributing to a high quality production.

Ácidos y Minerales de Venezuela, C.A.


Produce Aluminum Sulfate, Grade A, and Sulfuric Acid complying with Regulations, Quality Standards, Work safety and the Environment.


Be a reliable and competitive reference in the production of inorganic chemicals, operating with minimal environmental impact and high social responsibility.


Provide products and services that exceed customer expectations by ensuring quality, timely delivery, security, compliance and environmental protection through its qualified and committed personal to the improvement and innovation of our products.